PillsMinder – Patent Applied :)

Patent for the idea has been applied. PillsMinder is now “Patent Pending” !

I am excited to share a huge step has been taken. At the start it looked difficult. And it took me a few months in gathering all the information, searching for similar products before taking the step to file the patent

Why do this?

  • It will help me bring this to market as a well designed consumer product.
  • There is nothing in the market that provides this functionality in a simple, easy and economical manner
  • It is a real problem impacting lots of lives. This solution can help.

To file, you first want to make sure you the solution is unique. I did this by searching the patent website for competing solutions. You also want to search alternative solutions using different methods and technologies. I did this, because, going straight to an attorney and having them do all of this was not an option. it would have been expensive. So I needed to be sure and do as much work upfront as possible.

I have a working product built using off the shelf products and coding an application. I can now look at the steps involved in creating a commercial version of PillsMinder and take it to market. This will involve raising funds, working with various manufacturers and vendors across the globe to help build a solution. That is going to be one exciting adventure !!

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