Medical Adherence Made Easy

Intelligent Reminders help ensure you take your medicines on time. Say goodbye to “Have I taken this medicine?” Just view your medicine history in the PillsMinder APP


Intelligent Reminders

Get reminders when you have not taken the medicine on time. Instead of daily, repeated reminders.


Easy User Adoption

PillsMinder automatically tracks the medications you take. Without any additional effort or action from the user. Making it easy and convenient.


Have I taken the pills?

View the history. So you no longer have to guess if you have taken the medicine in the morning or not. No accidental double dosage.


Care Giver Notification

Include your family members or care giver to view your medication history and get the alerts. So they be involved with the care regimen and have peace of mind.

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Early Validation of PillsMinder

This is where PillsMinder took wings. The early working prototype of the idea built using a Raspberry Pi computer and RFID scanner

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