Early Validation of PillsMinder

This is where PillsMinder took wings. The early working prototype of the idea built using a Raspberry Pi computer and RFID scanner

Felt like sharing this early version of the working prototype I had build using the Raspberry Pi computer and a scanner. This was done last year and getting this to work was no easy task.

Everything was new. Connecting the computer, learning the language, connecting the wires lol… everything was like learning to walk when you haven’t even started to crawl. But it is just amazing. Everything you want to learn, figure out how to do, is there on the web. There is just so much knowledge, easily accessible, at your finger tips. Kudo’s to everyone who has taken the time to share their knowledge and create videos, share their code, teachings that enable us to learn and follow.

When it finally worked, when the alert was sent on taking the medication, that was so many months hard work, nights, come true.

The best part was when I stared to show family and friends. The idea of PillsMinder, suddenly became clear and “real”. The love, encouragement and just excitement I saw in their eyes – I knew I was onto something big.

I have started building a market ready version 1 of this, all complete with mobile APP. The learning curve is just as large, if not bigger. But I am not worried or scared. My previous experience gives me the confidence that I will be able to do this. One step at a time.

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